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Andrea Marmolejos

End of Term Reflection

Here are some of the activities we did in class this term: Harper's Magazine ("Boots on the Ice"), Hurricane Evacuation Plan, Designer Babies (GATACA), Genetic Diseases, Evolution Movies/Research, NYT Science Reviews, Punnett Squares, Chemical Bond Diagrams, The Periodic Table, The Birth and Death of Stars

  • What 2-3 activities did you enjoy/learn the most?
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  • What 2-3 activities topic did you find the most difficult to understand?
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  • Describe how could we improve this course in the future
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  • Explain why you enjoyed, or why you struggled through, this class, offering whatever insights you may feel are valuable:
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Take home Midterm Component

Name of Disease



  1. Beta Mannosidosis experience mental retardation
  2. they may also exhibit distinctive facial features and clusters of enlarged blood vessels forming small, dark red spots on the skin(angiokeratomas)
  3. have behavior problem such as hyperactivity,impulsivity or aggression


  1. MANBA
  3. mannanase
  4. mannase

Cytogenetic Location


Base Pair Sites

103,771,690, to 103,901,195

Emergency Plan Research


Southside Williamsburg

Evacuation Center

  1. Location –
Aviaton High School 45-30 36 Street Long Island City N.Y. 11101

  • Implemented Plan –[
the school via the telephone number (718) 361-2032 that could give me information on the center’s evacuation plan on various occasions. Each time they simply continued to put me on the line with a different answering machine after a series of didnt say anything at all!
Bus Directions- Take B61 to Jackson Ave. / Queens blvd. then transfer to Q 32 or take B24 to 48 Ave./ Greenpoint Ave. then transfer to Q39 bus.
Train Directions- take G towards Queens, transfer at LIC/ Court Sq. for 7 toward Flushing and exit at 33 St. ]

Your Evacuation Plan

go bag- in a water proof backpack i would the following
1. state ID, birth certificates, insurance card,socail security card, and debt card
3.water, soild food, and can food
4.battery operated radio and flash ligh
5.first Aid kit
6.soep, tooth brushes and toothpaste

New York Science Times Reviews


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  3. Personal Interest – [Type here]


  1. Summary – [Type here]
  2. Book Citation – [Type here]
  3. Personal Interest – [Type here]


  1. Summary – [Type here]
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