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McCarren Park

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Bedford Ave and N 12th St
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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[Ive learned a few interesting facts about,The McCareen Park Pool located in Greenpoint,Brooklyn. It was the last of eleven pools that were built in New York. McCareen park was originally name "Greenpoint Park" but was rename McCareen in 1909 after Patrick Henry McCareen, an Irish immigrant who worked in the Williamsburg sugar and became a powerful State Senator.The pool has a capacity of 6000 to 7000 swimmers,it cost $1 million ti built. i was tryin to find info on the closure and ive come to conclusion that in 1979 the city approves $100 million for repairs, but some residents claim that it was because they wanted to keep the colored from attending and they claimed it had become a place fordisorderly kids.illegal activities that opposed them strongly from reopening the pool,and now 22 years later is still closed and in plans for renovation. In plans to reopen in 2011.
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Historic McCarren Park Pool
Historic McCarren Park Pool

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